The greatest asset of any business is your people;

    Trust them, appreciate them, invest in them.





    We coach, we inspire, we transform!

    Our Passion

    Discovering and unleashing human potential.


    Let us add value by offering the most effective, results-oriented strategies to your sales teams, coaching them for consistent peak performance and undeniable passion and loyalty towards their own brand. Let us contribute to the livelihood and energy of your front-line by sharing methods and experiences that have proven effective and are crucial to not just success in China, but across the globe.


    Our Focus

    People. Brands. Results.


    Retail Excellence. Service Consistency. Selling Finesse.

    Let us train your team.


    Passion. Purpose. Performance. Results.

    Let us coach individuals.


    Service Elevation. Market Engagement. Client Relationship Management.

    Let us boost your sales.


    Our Credibility

    Luxury Retail Business + 20 years in Training + 17 years in China

    EQwiip Consulting Limited is a Shanghai-based, wholly foreign-owned enterprise established by Ms Betty Trieu. EQwiip believes that growing organizations and luxury retail brands need to FOCUS and INVEST in 3 areas:


    1. Committing your people to consistent peak performance, passion, and results, including effective and genuine Client-Relationship Engagement.
    2. Communicating the right brand message and image to your market.
    3. Practicing and learning results-driven methods to continuously grow your sales and your business.

    Our Global Alliance

    Our Sister Company Based in Europe

    OKTAVE is the “go to” international team renowned for orchestrating luxury retail experiences with a portfolio of exceptional “live” and digital approaches.


    Their team works with global retail brands developing opportunities for enhanced in-store client experiences and commercial performance.


    Through their unique retail expertise and learning design competencies, their approach enables them to help retail teams grow competencies, transform behaviors and mindsets to generate sustainable growth of revenue.


    Ultimately, helping their clients getting a strong ROI on what is their most important asset in their business, their people.

  • CEO


    Luxury Retail Strategist &

    Sales Performance Coach



    Customized training programs for brands.

    Since 2013, we joined hands with world's top luxury brands, to tailor and deliver customized training programs for their retail elites in and outside of China. Topics include Sales Techniques, Quality Client Relations, Communications, Team Passion, and Etiquette, just to name a few.


    Retail conferences, Workshops, Trainings

    The talents at EQwiip have ample experience not only in speaking for large audiences, but also in the organization of regional seminars, from venue sourcing to hospitality, workshops to entertainment, we planned, organized, and executed events, hosting more than 150 partcipants from all over the world.

    Team Building

    Putting heads together for creative brainstorming.

    We learn the most from the people we surround ourselves with.  Through professional facilitation, we can help different teams understand their group dynamics and practice powerful brainstorming sessions without losing time and productivity. 

    Individual Coaching

    Understanding and unleashing one's greatest potential.

    Every individual has a special gift

    - an X Factor -

    something only they are meant to contribute with passion and determination.  It is our mission to discover these strengths and unleash our greatest potential. 


    Our Best Sellers Customized to Your Needs

    Sales Mastery I & II

    Interactive Classroom + Floor Coaching

    Mastering Influence and Luxury Selling Techniques for Success


    Some Key Learning Objectives:

    1. The Luxury Selling Ceremony: 8 Steps
    2. Luxury Clients and their Motivations
    3. Luxury Language & Gestures
    4. Effective Negotiation & Closing Skills
    5. Cross-selling and Up-selling Techniques

    Mastering Chinese Clients

    Interactive Classroom + Floor Coaching

    Understanding and Increasing Your Business with Chinese Clients


    Some Key Learning Objectives:

    1. The Luxury Market in China Today
    2. Chinese Shopping Trends and Behaviors
    3. Different Types of Chinese Clients
    4. Selling to Chinese Dos and Don'ts
    5. Cultural Values and Relationship Building

    Service Evolution

    Interactive Classroom

    Meeting Service Expectations of Today and ReDefining Client Experience


    Some Key Learning Objectives:


    1. Customer Journey Mapping
    2. Industry Leaders and Best Practices
    3. International Service Case Studies & Analysis
    4. Your Brand's Service Culture, Refined
    5. Evolving from Service Responsibility to Personality

    Coaching In-Store and 1-to-1

    Interactive Classroom

    Coaching as a Management Style to Enhance Productivity and Relationships with Your Team


    Some Key Learning Objectives:


    1. Boutique Daily Operations
    2. Business Key Performance Indicators
    3. The Art of One-to One
    4. Handling Difficult Situations and Conversations
    5. Individual and Team Development

    Client Relationship Engagement

    Interactive Classroom + Workshop

    Building & Retaining Quality Client Relationships for Repurchase and Referrals


    Some Key Learning Objectives:


    1. Customer Cycle Journey
    2. Building Client Loyalty 
    3. Developing Brand Advocates
    4. The Activity Road Map: Vision, Plan, Support, Execution
    5. Refining and Defining Your Own Client Implementation Plan

    International Luxury Etiquette

    Interactive Classroom + Workshop

    Learning and Practicing International Etiquette for Personal Image and Business Success


    Some Key Learning Objectives:


    1. International Dress Code and Image
    2. Elegant Gestures and Behaviors
    3. Cultural and Situational Adaptations
    4. Fine Dinning and Entertainment
    5. Art of Communication
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    Real Professionals. Real Experience.


    Founder & Chief Consultant

    Languages: English, Mandarin, Cantonese


    Director of Operations

    Languages: English, French, Mandarin


    Senior Consultant

    Languages: Mandarin, English


    Certified Coach

    Languages: Mandarin, Cantonese, English


    Certified Coach

    Languages: Mandarin, English


    Senior Consultant

    Languages: Mandarin, English, Cantonese


    Senior Consultant

    Languages: English, French


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